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What is roller derby?

"Roller derby is an American-invented contact sport -- and historically, a form of sports entertainment --based on formation roller skating around an oval track, with points scored as two individual players (designated as "jammers") lap members of their opposing teams whilst both teams play offense and defense simultaneously."

- Excerpt from Wikipedia

Ontario Roller Derby Leagues

Ontario Roller Derby Leagues

Directory of women's flat track roller derby leagues in the province of Ontario, Canada!


GTA Roller Girls (Toronto, Ontario)

Not-for-profit all women's roller derby league in Toronto, Ontario.


Hammer City Roller Girls (Hamilton, Ontario)

All female, skater operated, flat track roller derby league based in Hamilton, Ontario


Kingston Derby Girls (Kingston, Ontario)

Roller derby league based in Kingston, Ontario


LOCO Roller Derby (London, Ontario)

Low contact, recreational roller derby league for women 18+ located in downtown London, Ontario.


Ottawa Roller Derby (Ottawa, Ontario)

Ottawa Roller Derby is roller derby league based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Rideau Valley Roller Girls (Ottawa, Ontario)

The Rideau Valley Roller Girls (RVRG) is an all-female, flat-track, not-for-profit Roller Derby league based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Toronto Roller Derby (Toronto, Ontario)

The Toronto Roller Derby League (ToRD) is the largest flat-track derby league in Canada, boasting four house teams, one league travel team, and roster of nearly 100 active skaters! Based out of Toronto, Ontario.


Tri-City Roller Girls (Waterloo, Ontario)

Women's flat track roller derby league based out of Waterloo, Ontario.


This online directory is maintained for my own enjoyment only. I make no claim that it is a complete list of roller derby leagues in Ontario. It's just meant for fun! Regardless, I hope it will serve as a useful tool for roller derby fans across the province!

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